I am an art educator, photographer and jewelry designer (www.nanedwardscollection.com) formally trained in Art History, History, Photo and Electronic Media, Studio Arts and Education.

My photography investigates the places and spaces in between the physical and metaphysical, what I call “Spiritual Surrealism.” Constructing and reconstructing potential narratives, these images interrogate the perception of linear time, spirituality and how “seeing” and “knowing” can be altered through the camera lens and photographic editing.

My past work, “The Healing Collection,” investigates wholeness within physical and spiritual dimensions using my photos and appropriated images.

My current work includes “Angels and Orbs,” and “Coming Home.”  While searching to find figures to pair with my grandfather’s landscapes for “Coming Home,” I realized by accident that another series was emerging namely, statue portraiture. These closely cropped figures in “Angels and Orbs,” palatably convey a range of emotions from peacefulness to melancholia and despair.  Defying the idea that they were simply stone, I was determined to give them a “voice,” of their own. 

“Coming Home,” is a fusion of my grandfather’s images from North Africa during WW II, and my images taken in New Orleans and various parts of Texas.