I am a photographer, educator and jewelry designer of www.nanedwardscollection.com. Formally trained in art history, history, chemical and digital photography, general arts and education,  I live in and teach throughout the greater Houston metropolitan area.

My photography questions time, place, perception and how “seeing” can be altered through the camera lens and photographic editing. My images investigate the physical and the metaphysical, what I like to call “Spiritual Surrealism.”

My current work includes “Angels and Orbs,” and “Coming Home.” The former investigates both the cemetery statuary, antique places and the phenomenon that may be found on the digital image, orbs.  “Coming Home,” are digital collages of my own photography coupled with my grandfather’s images from WW II and thereafter.

My past work, “The Healing Collection,” investigates wholeness within physical and spiritual dimensions using my photos and appropriated images.